Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Might as well face it I'm addicted to... Well, actually that too (but really who doesn't enjoy giving and receiving love?), but what I'm really writing about here is my current addiction. You see, I have a sort of addictive personality. The problem (or benefit depending on the addiction) is that this addictive personality also happens to have ADD. Or maybe I just get too addicted and burn myself out. Either way, I'm totally in the on phase with my calorie tracker app. Holy moly is it fun to see what I've consumed that day, and how what I am (or am not) doing physically totally means I can eat more (or less) and still get smaller. If you can't remember, getting smaller is my goal - Bridesmaid Bootcamp is still in full effect. If you have a smart phone and don't have one of these apps (there are 4593476545o954659674586 of them available it seems) you should definitely check it out. So fun in that "it's only fun if you're a data oriented person with OCD who really likes to have processes and formulas for everything" kind of way. Oh, and just for fun I found this app because, while watching HowardTV (yes, Howard Stern) Sarah Silverman was discussing her Lose It app and a show producer mentioned losing 75lbs just because he was tracking. He even ran extra miles on the weekend because he knew he'd be drinking more beer. Awesome!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lord Bless Charlie Mops....

...the man who invented beer, beer beer.
I can't believe it is St. Patrick's Day. With the blink of an eye it will be summer and this bootcamp thing better get me in shape. Well, I should say I better get me in shape because, well, the results are only as good as the person working out.

Anyway, just wanted to pop on today to say hello and Happy St. Paddy's Day! Have a green beer (or other drink) for me today - I would but I've been informed that I must clean for the visitor we have this weekend. Fortunately, there isn't much to clean....and I've been doing a little something every day this week so it's not all last minute. I think tonight it's just clean off countertops (we do this every night anyway, but I'll do more than just a quick spray of lysol, wipe down this time) and re-vaccuum.

For some strange reason Man thinks it is super weird and disgusting to put the (clean) sheets on the guest bed and hang towels in the guest room because unless you wait until the person is there they won't know the stuff is clean - I mean - how could they if they don't see you pull it out of the cabinet just for them?!?! Ugh, that is so bizarre to me I couldn't even figure out where to put the period and just did a giant run-on sentence. It's just one more difference between how we were raised. I spent Tuesday laundring all necessary items, and yesterday set out to get the guest room ready. It was like I bombed the place when he found out what I was doing. But, since the visitor is related to him, I just stopped, folded everything and put it on the mattress cover or on the bathroom counter. Somehow, that made sense, because they'd know it was clean if it wasn't hanging up already.

Am I alone in thinking that doesn't make a lot of sense? Was I the one raised oddly (I've discovered this is often the case)?

Before I go an Irish Blessing for you all (well, technically it's Celtic. That's Celtic pronounced properly and not like the Boston basketball team. While you're answering the above questions can someone answer why they feel the need to say Sell-Tix not Kell-Tix?)

May the blessing of light be on you—light without and light within.May the blessed sunlight shine on youand warm your hearttill it glows like a great peat fire.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Work, work it girrrl...

I discovered this amazing blogsite (or as the trainer, Jenn, says - a blog that ate wheaties) a few days ago, and just this week started their "Bikini Body Bootcamp (which is awesome and free)." Only, for me, it's the "Bridesmaid Body Bootcamp." See, most people are motivated by the start of swimsuit season. That's not entirely important to me, but standing up in front as my sister gets married? Well, that's one of the most important things in the world to me, and quite frankly, I'm vain. I need motivation to get rid of a few excess lbs, and having a bunch of people glance over at me when they realize they've spent far too long staring at the bride and groom is motivation enough. I feel the need to point out that Sister is unaware of said bootcamp and in no way has encouraged it. She's probably the least bridezilla bride ever. No, really.

So, anyway, this first week is a light week - kind of a get to know you and get prepared type thing. Started out with "The Gauntlet." Um, yeah. I emerged from the workout room of our place (aka the guest room w/a fan and open window) in what can only be described as pain. Kind of like a walking version of the slow clap, only more painful. And longer.

Today I checked out the video early in the morning, and thought to myself "this doesn't seem too bad." If any of you have ever done Tabata Training and/or Cross-Fit. Feel free to laugh at that thought. I'd laugh at myself right now, but I'm already sore. It was probably the most difficult 20 minute workout I've done. But most importantly, I did it and didn't quit (though I may have cursed the timer on my phone a few times as being inept - there is no way 4 minutes is possibly that long).

I can't wait until the next workout, and am really looking forward to next week when I get to Zumba/Yoga on Saturday. As for this Saturday, I'm running "the stairs" (you know the one set of stairs in your town that people seem to workout on all the time) - feel free to join me. Here, there or anywhere. It could be fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's Give Them Something to Talk About

How about - LOVE.

It's Valentine's Day and though the day is mostly over as I type this, it's really a day about remembering to tell your loved ones they matter. It should be done everyday and while hopefully none of us needed Hallmark to tell us we should do it, being forced into it can't hurt, right?

At any rate, I'm going to take a bit of a different turn for a second and discuss one of those things that should never be discussed. Religion. Turn away now if you're afraid. See, what I think of when it comes to Valentine's Day is the fact that when people (or Facebook) asks my religious views, I respond simply "Love." It's what I believe in. Now, my view of Love is rooted in my devotion to Jesus Christ, but it is so much more than that. I don't claim to be a Christian because guess what, I don't want to be associated with that. I follow His teachings (or at least try to anyway) and LOVE all. Truly. I'm a firm believer in the "love the sinner, hate the sin" ideology. Did Jesus turn people away? No. He sat and broke bread with those in society that others were shunning, so why on earth as a faith would we not do the same? I just can't comprehend it. Do I hate the things that some people do? Yes. I hate murder, I hate hurting children, I hate war, I hate a lot of things, but guess what? I have to find a place in my heart to Love the people that commit the crimes. Not because I need to be in love with them, or I think that they deserve it, but because maybe just maybe LOVE is the answer. And maybe, just maybe, my love will help them turn toward Jesus. Who knows?

Okay, now that we've got that under our belts, let's talk about something fun. Or funny. Or just not uncomfortable.

Celebrated this day with my love last night, and we used a gift card to pay for some of our dinner. So imagine our surprise when at the end of the meal the waiter said "and since it's Valentine's Day, this is for you" and handed us a $25 gift card. What a great promotion for the restaurant. If you want a nice steak dinner, head to Fleming's. They'll treat you right. Oh, and the Fleming's potatoes are a heart attack on a plate, but so very delicious. So very delicious.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Behind that old Red Door....

If food is your porn, then The Red Door is your Spice channel. Dear God, I couldn't stop eating even though I was full, I just didn't want the food to go anywhere but my belly.

The interior is super cute, almost like a place I went in Paris, but with a San Diego vibe to it at the same time. When day turns tonight it takes on this romantic, calm, but not pretentious vibe, and it's great. We sat in a table right on the corner, so people driving by probably wondered what was happening and if that was in fact my O face.

The service was um, not always the best, our waiter seemed to get really busy and kept forgetting about us which normally we probably wouldn't care about, but we had questions and kept wanting to order other things. He did, however, keep filling my wine glass from the bottle we brought ($12 corkage) and offer his opinion on the appetizers were were debating between. He was spot on with the pork cheek app recommendation, so I won't ding them for the service being less than amazing.

The host (I totally wish I had gotten his name so I could call him out right now) was awesome, he joked around with every table as though they were his closest buddies and always seemed able to make the group laugh whether it was the elderly couple, the young couple or the people on their first date. Awesome.

For real though, make yourself a reservation and head on down for date night. Good times will be had by all.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And this little piggy went EEEEEEEEEEEEEK all the way home.

Tre Porcellini, a new addition to the gayborhood, enticed me for months before opening with their three little pigs. The sign was just so cute (and pink!) that I was dying to try it out. Well, I finally did, and I'm sad to say the sign might well have been the greatest thing about the place (although the little piggy butts on the "closed" sign and back of the staff's shirts are pretty cute too).

Here's my review. The place really does have great potential and if a neighbor or family member wanted to go there and couldn't be swayed elsewhere, well, I'll go back and try again. But, until that time happens, my love for Italian food (and men) will be cured elsewhere in San Diego (or Bensonhurst BK but that's an entirely different story).

Bruschetta. Three pieces of burnt bread with various toppings $10. The only one I really liked was the "traditional" bruschetta and if I were to order this again I'd request that the three slices be this one only. The others were perfectly okay, but bland, boring, and sort of difficult to eat (due to the burnt bread).

"Mac and Cheese" Risotto (quotes used because that's what is on the menu). $11.95. Had a funky after taste, quite an earthy one. Not terrible, but not my favorite either. Despite being a Tre Porcellini specialty, I'd avoid it, try a different offering for your $.

Chicken Marsala. $15.95 (I think). Chicken was cooked really well, potatos were tasty. Sauce was really, really sweet. I commented that it tasted like a Moscato or Riesling had been used to make the sauce rather than the typically dry white. It was shockingly sweet, which really took away from the dish itself. Again, not terrible, but the sweet sauce was really just too much.

Wine list: Actually quite good. We each just had a glass (which are excellent pours for the price) but the list had a great variety and price points to meet nearly anyone's needs.

Ambiance: We both commented that the inside didn't seem to have changed much from Bite, same uncomfortable chairs, booths along the edge, awkward group table up front. Nice bar area.

Service: Nothing to complain about. They were great. Water was always filled, plates cleared away, etc.

Overall, despite the plethora of excellent reviews, there are far better Italian joints (both upscale like this one and lower scale) not much further away.

Thursday, January 6, 2011's a secret!

For the next three days (3) LeChic Weddings here in San Diego is offering 15% off their wedding boutique as a super special treat for their social media friends. Fortunately, I'm a tweep of theirs (@LeChicWeddings) so I got the code and a recent tweet from LCW let me know I could share it with you! Yay!

Here's the site